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Thursday Night Yoga Club online

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We're a jolly club of great people all united by yoga. Connect and join us!

This class is online which brings the benefit of joining like minded people together in the comfort of your own home. Gather together a mat, a couple of cushions, a blanket, a nice smelling candle or incense, even your own background music if you like! Find a space where you're not so likely to be disturbed, and then we practice yoga. We'll move, stretch, balance, find strength, breathe, and nurture. A confidential health form tells me any issues to be aware of to help me plan the sessions.

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    Thu 5th Oct 7.00 pm - 8.00 pm | Every week

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    When you contact me to join, I'll send the confidential health form with details of the class and payment details. Once I receive the form and payment, I'll send the link to join. You won't have to fill a new one each week and the link will be the same, so only pay for the classes you attend.

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