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Safeguarding and Safer in Sport
The safety and welfare of everyone involved in sport and physical activity is of paramount importance.
Raise a safeguarding concern

The safety and welfare of everyone involved in sport and physical activity is of paramount importance, particularly where young people and adults at risk are concerned. Active Norfolk therefore takes a proactive approach to the implementation of policies and procedures relating to the safeguarding and protection of everyone involved in sport

We also acknowledge the importance of education and training all individuals working with children and adults at risk, as well as the importance of making sure those wanting to take part in sport and physical activity are protected. Whilst all of these should still be available throughout the pandemic, we also have COVID-specific resources for those who need additional remote help.

We also provide regular Safeguarding training across the county for coaches, activity leaders and volunteers. On top this this, we also commission a range of disability and mental health awareness courses. These are for instructors and coaches but also anyone involved in the delivery of sports & physical activity. Their aim is to equip people with the tools to deal with issues relating to the above.

Through the Every Move activity finder platform we encourage providers to adhere to the Safer in Sport policies on Safeguarding and regularly conduct training for activity providers to ensure they are up to date with all of the necessary procedures and practices. If you would like to find out more about our safeguarding training or the Safe in Sport programme, please click here to visit the Active Norfolk website on Safeguarding.

If you have recently attended an Activity Session which you found via the Every Move platform and have a safeguarding concern, please send details of your issue to:

Our safeguarding team will be in touch to talk discreetly about any incident and discuss next steps.

Active Norfolk is committed to ensuring that sport and exercise is safe and accessible for everyone, regardless of age, gender or physical ability. We would therefore encourage providers to speak to us about ways in which they can take steps to ensure their participants are comfortable so more people can attend and enjoy physical activity.